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6231 Brown-Lipe Spicer Brownie Three Speed Auxiliary Transmission
Brown-Lipe Spicer Brownie Three Speed Auxilia - Item # 971434843

Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. Currency is USD (U.S. Dollar) unless otherwise noted.

*NOTE* It is the general nature of Automotive Sales that items are listed locally and Auctions can end early because of a local sale. Please bear in mind that if you place the winning bid, the item may no longer be available, due to a local sale.

From Elderly Iron Dot Com

6231 Brown-Lipe Spicer Brownie Three Speed Auxiliary Transmission

Unknown condition, but priced to enable you to cover shipping. More detailed photos on request by emailing thestaff “at”

Payment required within 10 days of auction end. Release of item will not occur until all checks have cleared. Item is available locally, and a sale can occur at any time, ending Auction early.

Buyer is responsible for all transportation arrangements. Additional fee of $25 per billable hour for overseas shipment preparation. This fee applies when we have to take more of our time to satisfy the requirements of the carrier or customs.

This Auction has ended!
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